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The Donor Source Collaborates with Dream Donations, Inc.


Effective May 15, 2008, one of the premier egg donor agencies in country, The Donor Source, began serving the needs of intended parents and egg donors formerly served by Dream Donations, Inc., including the patients of Boston IVF. The Donor Source, which has almost 700 egg donors in its active database, and which has relationships with over 100 fertility practices across the country, is responsible for over 300 matches of intended parents and egg donors per year.


The Donor Source has found that many fertility practices, including Boston IVF, have discontinued their own in-house egg donor program, or severely limited them, and are glad to be able to have a qualified agency such as The Donor Source provide full or substantial support to the Egg Donor needs of those practices' patients. The Donor Source is consequently able to maintain an ever growing, large selection of highly qualified Egg Donors.


The Donor Source is available to advise and consult with fertility practices regarding prospects for the company to satisfy all of those fertility practices' egg donor needs. The Donor Source is affiliated with as a leading surrogacy agency, The Surrogacy Source, providing gestational surrogate services to fertility practices and also strives to satisfy all fertility practices' surrogacy needs.


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Dream Donations was founded in 2002 with the goal of helping women here in Massachusetts fulfill their dream of creating a family. We are proud to say that we have established an outstanding reputation among top fertility centers throughout the nation and have helped make dreams come true by matching well over 500 recipients worldwide.

Our success comes from our strong commitment to both our recipients and donors. We provide an unparalleled level of care from start to finish. We believe that our recipients deserve a donor that has been extensively pre-screened and well educated about the donation process to minimize the chance of complications once she has begun the cycle. Our donors deserve the same level of care and respect that we afford our recipients and are always valued for their generous contribution. At Dream Donations we want to get to know you and will be with you every step of the way.

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We are now collaborating with one of the leading egg donor agencies: The Donor SOURCE.
For a surrogacy agency in Massachusetts & New England visit The Surrogacy SOURCE.
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